Sophie Anna-Maria Dijkstra

Daughter of Remco & Vero Dijkstra
Sister of Veerle, Neo & IJsbrandt
Born: Sunday April 4th 2010 at 4 am.
Weight: 3415gr

The Delivery

On Saturday Vero was very tired and announced that she was going to bed very early. When I could smell bleach from the ground floor toilet at 10 pm I thought, "this could be it". After a very short sleep Vero told me that she was having regular 'cramps', her version of contractions. At about 2am Oma (grandma) arrived to hold the fort and shortly afterwards the midwife arrived. We were at the hospital at 2:30 am and the water was broken at 3 am. From then on the 'cramps' became stronger and at 4:03 am Sophie came out with one long push. Sophie was fine and Vero had only superficial damage. At 6:30 am we were back at home ready to surprise the kids with their new sister, you should have seen Veerle's face.

The names

Remco is responsible for the boy's names and Vero got to choose the girls's names. We can't remember when or why we decided for Sophie but we had chosen it before IJsbrandt was born. Sophia is a female name derived from σοφία the Greek word for wisdom. Sophie is from the French form. Anna-Maria is a tribute to her grandmothers, Anneke (a.k.a. Anna) Hofman and Maria Tops.